Etxera is a producer based in Portland, OR who creates atmospheric electronic music.

Etxera, which means "home" in the Basque language, is a project with roots in Bilbao, Spain that combines elements of many electronic subgenres. Each release shares a focus on atmosphere, texture, and mood while exploring genres ranging frome ambient drone to industrial darkwave.

In 2019, Etxera arrived with a string self-released ambient singles composed of layered synths and field recordings. In February 2020, Weatnu Records released Implanted, a five-track EP with heavy darkwave, synthwave, and industrial influences. Etxera has also collaborated with Portland-based post-rock band Violetera to create ambient versions of the tracks from their album A Landmark, Not a Beacon, with the first three tracks being self released in March 2020.

Paradas, Etxera's first full-length album was released in April 2020 by Healing Sound Propagandist. The album is a collection of atmospheric synth-based ambient tracks that came together in the fall of 2019 during a trip across Spain. Paradas means “stops” in Spanish and each track features field recordings made in different stops throughout Madrid, Cantabria, and the Basque Country. The album was followed by a five-track EP titled Cinco Segundos from Silent Method Records, an experimental collection in which each track was composed by manipulating a single five-second sample.


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"This is the kind of ambient that I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of. Long pads swelling, weird little noises here and there, a soundscape that triggers my imagination just so much more than anything else. And the landscape really is quite deep here. I just love how the layers fulfil each other, and even though the background hum, voices and the metal noise really appears quite concrete, it’s just plain impossible to say what the source may be. Excellent." - Beat Radar

"Cinco Segundos was one of amazing virtuosity; sharply shaping and shifting delicate lifeforms breathing through composition. This EP was far more than anything I was expecting. Imagination races through lands I have never known, through senses I have never discovered. Spanning across his discography, Etxera creates well-honed releases, quickly becoming a mastermind of the genre. If you haven’t previously browsed his pieces, I highly recommend you start now with Cinco Segundos." - ANTI: Music Review


Title Type Label Release Date
Cinco Segundos EP Silent Method Records April 20, 2020
Paradas Album Healing Sound Propagandist April 3, 2020
A Landmark, Not a Beacon (Ambient Versions, Part One) Single Self-Released March 20, 2020
Implanted EP Weatnu Records February 21, 2020
Bastions Single Self-Released January 17, 2020
Escalates / Succesion Single Self-Released December 27, 2019
Veraniego Single Self-Released November 22, 2019
Another One (Etxera Remix) Single Self-Released November 8, 2019
How So Single Self-Released October 18, 2019
Millas de Altura Single Self-Released September 7, 2019

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